Top Ways to Improve Your Garage Lighting Instantly

The garage has been considered a place filled with filthy and unused things from home. There are families who even use it as a workplace, particularly for dust-filled activities. However, safety is not always certain if you do not use the proper lighting.

With the innovations in design and renovation for garages, designers realized how important appropriate lighting is. Apparently, it is not all about improving the look of the area but about making it safe.

The procedure will never be too difficult if you are aware of the guidelines in accomplishing it. To give you the top ways of setting up proper garage lighting, here are the following:

Check the Lowest Temperature of the Garage


Not all lighting fixtures are appropriate for a garage or parking space. One good example is a fluorescent fixture that does not always work when the temperature drops.  If your garage’s temperature decreases under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, fixtures that have 1.5 inches in diameter will not work.

To ensure that the lighting fixture will work in the area, purchase those with electronic ballasts. This product can stay operational even under zero degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure that a fixture will save you energy, select one with a one-inch width.

Dedicate Lights for the Entryway


You would not want to always fumble when you cannot find the keys to your car. As much as possible, make sure that the lights in the garage entryway are available. If you want to save energy, there are lights with a motion sensor that will turn its illumination on or off depending on a person’s presence.

Avoid Cave Lighting Effects


There are many garages or parking spaces with lighting that creates a dim environment. This is common even when large establishments setup their parking areas. Normally, you will only find a couple of ceiling lights in every corner.

When selecting a lighting fixture, ensure that it will distribute light in the entire area evenly. Apart from high-intensity light generation, the fixtures must not take a lot of time to turn on or off. If you do not have sufficient number of lighting, placing the fixture in the center may do the trick.

Task Lamps Will Always Be Present


Your garage at home will definitely have a table or cabinets where you keep your hardware and tools. Ascertain that these areas are properly illuminated to prevent accidents when using sharp tools. You can use light bars in this matter.

Never Forget the Shape of the Area

If you will fix lighting for your home garage, you should also consider the shape of your area. The lighting shape must also complement it. For instance, if you have a one-car garage with minimalist style, it is considerable to use rectangular exterior lights.

There are LED pendant fixtures today with modern slim construction. This will add style to your area or workspace.

Your garage can also serve as a reflection of your entire abode. If you will keep its lighting setup poor, this may imply that you do not prioritize the safety of your family. Remember, you can even convert your garageto a space where you can carry out your favorite repair tasks.

When making a decision, always weigh the advantages and disadvantages of lighting fixtures. Compare and contrast your options before purchasing one.

Preserve the Quality of Your Warehouse Items With Proper Lighting

You have to be reminded that warehouses require critical lighting design. If you are talking about cold storage facilities, proper lighting is necessary to sustain the quality of items being stored in it. Furthermore, this is crucial to support the productivity of workers.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration did not promulgate any specific regulation for warehouse lighting. However, it recommends the use of appropriate overhead lighting to promote safety and productivity in workplaces.

If you want to set up a proper lighting design for your warehouse, simply follow the guidelines below:

Choose the Type of Lights to Use


There are various lighting options available for you, especially now that advanced technologies are also being applied to production of lighting fixtures. You can begin with light-emitting diode (LED). Normally, this is the type of fixture that produces bright light with different temperatures.

LEDs are advantageous in the sense that these generate instant illumination, have longer lifespan, and stay cool even after long hours of being used. Most importantly, many companies prefer it for energy savings. If you need great options, you may check out LEDs at

On the other hand, you have linear fluorescents. These are cost-effective and have been used for tens of years in offices and warehouses. Compared to LEDs, this type of lighting is cheaper but has to be replaced frequently.

Avoid Warehouse Lighting With Glare


There are also lighting fixtures that generate too much light. When choosing lighting, you must avoid glare at all costs. It is one of the major causes of accidents. For instance, employees tend to get dazzled with glare coming from overhead lights.

If you have no choice but to use bright lights, you may consider using shades or reflectors.

Take Regard of Energy-Saving Features

Although you have selected LEDs for your warehouse, you still have to check the energy-saving feature of the lighting fixture. To ensure that you will save energy and cost with the product you have selected, there must be control options.

For instance, there are modern lighting solutions that will give you freedom to track the natural light level. If there is sufficient daylight, the artificial light will dim accordingly. The best value for money is achieved if LEDs give you glare control and reimbursement periods.

Lifespan Matters a Lot


It is important that you invest in lighting fixtures with longer lifespan. This factor ensures that you do not need to replace the lights frequently. Moreover, take note that failing lights may already affect the productivity of the warehouse staff.

Consider Task Lighting When Necessary


A warehouse is not only a stockpile of items. Most likely, it also has a table where administrative tasks are being done. You must not forget to dedicate a desk or task lamp for this matter. This will offer an effective working environment for the employees.

If you are considering an energy-efficient and high-performing lighting for your warehouse, you should consider the tips provided above. Remember, it is not simply about setting up light for illumination alone. Your warehouse lighting also influences the quality of items and staff performance.

Brighten Up Your Office Or Home With Wholesale Lighting

Wholesale Lighting can do wonders when it comes to brightening up a whole house. As most of us know lighting is a crucial aspect in visual settings, shadowing and reflections can add allure and depth to a house or an office or a piece of art and anything that is perceived visually. A variety of illumination techniques can be used in office buildings, homes and in a stage when a show is being conducted.

When it comes to lighting of homes, any homeowner, who’s newly constructed home is reaching finishing stage, will be looking for purchasing lights for different rooms in his new home and going for Wholesale Lighting would be the right option if he has his new home. Kitchen of the home should be lighted with recesses receptacles or track lights in such a way that a shine can be brought about on the dishes. When it comes to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms softer illumination would be the better option. Except for the reading table, bright wattage is not essential for living room. Landscaping of the home should also be lit and when it comes to outdoors, motion triggered and security lights might be appropriate.

Nowadays, LED lights are preferred by most of the people, due to their energy saving and brightness features as compared to conventional lights. Other types of lights include panel lights, flood lights, tube lights, strip lights, solar lights and down lights and purchasing of these lights in wholesale would be the best option particularly when it comes to purchase of lights for the whole house since this method of purchase is cost effective as compared to retail purchase.


Nowadays, like other products, lights are also offered online and there are websites offering shopping cart facility with the objective of offering energy-efficient, affordable and reliable lighting solutions to the people . Once a person has placed orders through these sites, he can be rest assured of the safe delivery of lights to his home and some of these online stores are also offering money-back guarantee since they are confident about the lights sold by them online. Even, purchasers can know the status of their order through these sites after placing order in such a way that they can judge the time of delivery of the product to their home. These sites ensure the best customer service with respect to returns & exchanges and shipping and deliveries as well.

Choosing the right lighting elements can add a beautiful appeal as well as illumination to your home or office. Though you can buy them from a nearby retail outlet, you can actually save a lot of money checking out with the wholesale lighting suppliers. Moreover, the wholesale suppliers of the lighting elements surely has more choice as they dedicate their entire warehouse to a variety of lights and light fixtures so that you can find one suitable to your needs at the best competitive price. Finding multiple wholesale lighting suppliers is also quite simple now as you can just checkout the common platform being offered that brings the worldwide wholesale supplies and also thousands of buyers across the world onto a single platform to easily shop for the desired products placing an order online.

Tactful Warehouse Lighting to Save Energy

The warehouse is a core part of the business, where the inventory is stored. For a warehouse to run efficiently, it should have a disciplined storage system and should be easy for the staff to pull out the item when required. Most warehouses run on a warehouse management system and it is necessary to have proper lighting in the area so that the workforce can easily find the required item for shipment.


Need for Efficient Warehouse Lighting

1. The workers can move about freely without accidents or cause damage to the inventory.

2. The truck area should be properly lit for accurate loading and to prevent any accidents.

3. Appropriate illumination will enable workers to work more quickly.

4. Energy efficient lighting system can help to reduce the lighting cost and save energy.


Warehouse Lighting Options

There are several lighting solutions available in the market. The choice of the lighting option will depend upon the layout of the warehouse, special requirements, and activity. HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs were the prominent light fixtures until recent times. But they are now being replaced with more efficient lighting solutions to reduce energy usage, reduced power bills, less maintenance and quality lighting.

• Fluorescent Lighting

These are known for their color index and are more efficient than HID lamps. They require less maintenance yet age quickly and replacement would incur labor costs. There is also the issue of flickering in some fluorescent lights. The energy consumption is half that of halide lamps without any compromise in light levels. A new technology emerging lately is LED Tube Replacements , offering the same design with LED chips inside.

• Halogen Lights

For outdoor docks and parking areas, the white light of the halogen lamps is very apt. They have a longer life span but pose a threat of fire hazard.

• Induction Lighting

Inductions are being highly preferred over fluorescent lights due to their increased life. They work via a mechanism of simple magnetism and unlike fluorescent lamps, there is no degrading electrode. It can work for more than 100,000 hours. The lumen output per watt is greater than fluorescents and halides. These are mostly preferred in cold storages due to its ability to operate efficiently at low temperatures.

• LED Lights

LED lights are the best lighting option in the market. They are highly energy efficient and use very fewer watts of energy. They are basically diodes that emit light and do not release heat. It has a long-life span and thus requires fewer replacements and maintenance. High bay UFO led lighting is best way to light outdoor or high area rooms. They are also wide varieties with color rendering options and increased brightness. They also have a high output capacity. Make sure to pay attention to the color temperature as Los Angeles has found out.

The initial amount for LED lighting solution for the warehouse may be high, but it is worth the investment. The energy bills can be reduced and the maintenance charges too. Some utilities also provide generous rebates for LEDs. You may able be doing a favor to the environment by installing LED light fixtures. Being available in very small sizes, they can be installed under the shelves and other area that are hard to reach.

There are also lighting controls to take into consideration while working on warehouse lighting options. Switching, dimming, daylight harvesting and step-switching are some of the options available. The ultimate note is to consider energy efficiency, cost and output when you are to make a decision for warehouse lighting.

Benefits to Businesses: Installing Warehouse LED Lighting

Today we are all becoming much more conscious about the effective that we are having on the environment around us. Certainly today more and more businesses are looking for ways that they can help to reduce their carbon footprint to ensure that they reduce the damage they are doing to the environment. One way that this can be done is through the installation of warehouse led lighting in their business premises.

However,the following are why the installation of such lighting can prove so beneficial to businesses today. Plus also explain how this type of LED lighting is proving less harmful to the environment.

1. Installing warehouse led lighting can prove beneficial to a business because it uses a lot less electricity to power it. So, of course, this means a business will start to see their electricity bills being reduced. Plus it also means that they won’t find themselves having to spend so much on replacement bulbs for such lighting because they don’t generate so much heat so the risk of them burning out quickly is greatly reduced.

2. Basically any businesses that choose to install this form of lighting in their premises will over time start to see the levels of CO2 reduced. Studies carried out have now clearly shown that there is the direct correlation between how much electricity we use and how much CO2 is entering the atmosphere. As most electricity we use comes from the burning of fossil fuels (coal and gas) so this helps to put more CO2 into the atmosphere. But those businesses that install warehouse led lighting aren’t using as much electricity and so, in turn, this means that they are helping the electricity companies to reduce their CO2 emissions.

3. Warehouse led lighting form of lighting has a much longer lifespan compared to other forms of lighting already in use. On average a LED light will last 10 times longer than a halogen or incandescent light can and 3 times longer than a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) can. Every single lightbulb we use today is made up of a number of different components but by opting to use LED lights which last longer means that far less of the others need to be made. In turn, this means that more of our planets natural resources can be conserved, plus of course, it also means that far less CO2 is being released when such products are being made.

4. These forms of lights contain no harmful chemicals unlike other forms of lighting used at the moment. When it comes to CFL’s these, in fact, contain mercury and when they heat up they release mercury vapor into the atmosphere that not only can harm the environment but those around them. Furthermore, should these lights break then, of course, the mercury is released and if a person were to come in contact with it they may suffer some unwanted side effects?

The above are the reasons why installation of warehouse led lighting can prove beneficial to any business today and which you can find useful and also which you can trust .