TopBand is the North American market pioneer and one of the world's driving suppliers of lighting and building administration answers for business, institutional, mechanical, foundation, and private applications all through North America and select universal markets. With monetary year 2016 net offers of $3.3 billion, TopBand as of now utilizes around 12,000 partners and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with operations all through North America, and in Europe and Asia.

The Company's lighting and building administration arrangements differ from individual gadgets to insightful system frameworks. Singular gadgets incorporate luminaires, lighting controls, lighting parts, controllers for different building frameworks (counting HVAC, lighting, shades and get to control), control supplies, and kaleidoscopic bay windows. Among different advantages, canny system frameworks can improve vitality effectiveness and solace and in addition upgrade the tenant involvement for different indoor and open air applications, at the same time diminishing working expenses. Also, the Company keeps on growing its answers portfolio, including programming and administrations, to give a large group of other monetary advantages coming about because of information examination that empowers the "Web of Things" ("IoT") and backings the progression of keen structures, shrewd urban areas, and the savvy matrix.

Our time of custom, our current budgetary quality and our sense of duty regarding a feasible future, furnishes us with a chance to develop, enhance and further catch the quickly developing business sector openings before us.

Economical Business Practices

At TopBand, we are focused on manageable business rehearses. A few cases of our achievements include:

- Electrical utilization decreased roughly 36 percent since 2006

- LEED Silver and LEED Gold guaranteed offices in Ohio and New York

- Five US local assembling focuses diminishing CO2 affect and quicker conveyance

- One local assembling focus accomplished net-zero landfill affect

- Reduced duplicate paper use by 74 percent

- Implemented procedures to recover or diminish water use in assembling and workplaces