Preserve the Quality of Your Warehouse Items With Proper Lighting

You have to be reminded that warehouses require critical lighting design. If you are talking about cold storage facilities, proper lighting is necessary to sustain the quality of items being stored in it. Furthermore, this is crucial to support the productivity of workers.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration did not promulgate any specific regulation for warehouse lighting. However, it recommends the use of appropriate overhead lighting to promote safety and productivity in workplaces.

If you want to set up a proper lighting design for your warehouse, simply follow the guidelines below:

Choose the Type of Lights to Use


There are various lighting options available for you, especially now that advanced technologies are also being applied to production of lighting fixtures. You can begin with light-emitting diode (LED). Normally, this is the type of fixture that produces bright light with different temperatures.

LEDs are advantageous in the sense that these generate instant illumination, have longer lifespan, and stay cool even after long hours of being used. Most importantly, many companies prefer it for energy savings. If you need great options, you may check out LEDs at

On the other hand, you have linear fluorescents. These are cost-effective and have been used for tens of years in offices and warehouses. Compared to LEDs, this type of lighting is cheaper but has to be replaced frequently.

Avoid Warehouse Lighting With Glare


There are also lighting fixtures that generate too much light. When choosing lighting, you must avoid glare at all costs. It is one of the major causes of accidents. For instance, employees tend to get dazzled with glare coming from overhead lights.

If you have no choice but to use bright lights, you may consider using shades or reflectors.

Take Regard of Energy-Saving Features

Although you have selected LEDs for your warehouse, you still have to check the energy-saving feature of the lighting fixture. To ensure that you will save energy and cost with the product you have selected, there must be control options.

For instance, there are modern lighting solutions that will give you freedom to track the natural light level. If there is sufficient daylight, the artificial light will dim accordingly. The best value for money is achieved if LEDs give you glare control and reimbursement periods.

Lifespan Matters a Lot


It is important that you invest in lighting fixtures with longer lifespan. This factor ensures that you do not need to replace the lights frequently. Moreover, take note that failing lights may already affect the productivity of the warehouse staff.

Consider Task Lighting When Necessary


A warehouse is not only a stockpile of items. Most likely, it also has a table where administrative tasks are being done. You must not forget to dedicate a desk or task lamp for this matter. This will offer an effective working environment for the employees.

If you are considering an energy-efficient and high-performing lighting for your warehouse, you should consider the tips provided above. Remember, it is not simply about setting up light for illumination alone. Your warehouse lighting also influences the quality of items and staff performance.

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