Tactful Warehouse Lighting to Save Energy

The warehouse is a core part of the business, where the inventory is stored. For a warehouse to run efficiently, it should have a disciplined storage system and should be easy for the staff to pull out the item when required. Most warehouses run on a warehouse management system and it is necessary to have proper lighting in the area so that the workforce can easily find the required item for shipment.


Need for Efficient Warehouse Lighting

1. The workers can move about freely without accidents or cause damage to the inventory.

2. The truck area should be properly lit for accurate loading and to prevent any accidents.

3. Appropriate illumination will enable workers to work more quickly.

4. Energy efficient lighting system can help to reduce the lighting cost and save energy.


Warehouse Lighting Options

There are several lighting solutions available in the market. The choice of the lighting option will depend upon the layout of the warehouse, special requirements, and activity. HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs were the prominent light fixtures until recent times. But they are now being replaced with more efficient lighting solutions to reduce energy usage, reduced power bills, less maintenance and quality lighting.

• Fluorescent Lighting

These are known for their color index and are more efficient than HID lamps. They require less maintenance yet age quickly and replacement would incur labor costs. There is also the issue of flickering in some fluorescent lights. The energy consumption is half that of halide lamps without any compromise in light levels. A new technology emerging lately is LED Tube Replacements , offering the same design with LED chips inside.

• Halogen Lights

For outdoor docks and parking areas, the white light of the halogen lamps is very apt. They have a longer life span but pose a threat of fire hazard.

• Induction Lighting

Inductions are being highly preferred over fluorescent lights due to their increased life. They work via a mechanism of simple magnetism and unlike fluorescent lamps, there is no degrading electrode. It can work for more than 100,000 hours. The lumen output per watt is greater than fluorescents and halides. These are mostly preferred in cold storages due to its ability to operate efficiently at low temperatures.

• LED Lights

LED lights are the best lighting option in the market. They are highly energy efficient and use very fewer watts of energy. They are basically diodes that emit light and do not release heat. It has a long-life span and thus requires fewer replacements and maintenance. High bay UFO led lighting is best way to light outdoor or high area rooms. They are also wide varieties with color rendering options and increased brightness. They also have a high output capacity. Make sure to pay attention to the color temperature as Los Angeles has found out.

The initial amount for LED lighting solution for the warehouse may be high, but it is worth the investment. The energy bills can be reduced and the maintenance charges too. Some utilities also provide generous rebates for LEDs. You may able be doing a favor to the environment by installing LED light fixtures. Being available in very small sizes, they can be installed under the shelves and other area that are hard to reach.

There are also lighting controls to take into consideration while working on warehouse lighting options. Switching, dimming, daylight harvesting and step-switching are some of the options available. The ultimate note is to consider energy efficiency, cost and output when you are to make a decision for warehouse lighting.

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