Top Ways to Improve Your Garage Lighting Instantly

The garage has been considered a place filled with filthy and unused things from home. There are families who even use it as a workplace, particularly for dust-filled activities. However, safety is not always certain if you do not use the proper lighting.

With the innovations in design and renovation for garages, designers realized how important appropriate lighting is. Apparently, it is not all about improving the look of the area but about making it safe.

The procedure will never be too difficult if you are aware of the guidelines in accomplishing it. To give you the top ways of setting up proper garage lighting, here are the following:

Check the Lowest Temperature of the Garage


Not all lighting fixtures are appropriate for a garage or parking space. One good example is a fluorescent fixture that does not always work when the temperature drops.  If your garage’s temperature decreases under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, fixtures that have 1.5 inches in diameter will not work.

To ensure that the lighting fixture will work in the area, purchase those with electronic ballasts. This product can stay operational even under zero degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure that a fixture will save you energy, select one with a one-inch width.

Dedicate Lights for the Entryway


You would not want to always fumble when you cannot find the keys to your car. As much as possible, make sure that the lights in the garage entryway are available. If you want to save energy, there are lights with a motion sensor that will turn its illumination on or off depending on a person’s presence.

Avoid Cave Lighting Effects


There are many garages or parking spaces with lighting that creates a dim environment. This is common even when large establishments setup their parking areas. Normally, you will only find a couple of ceiling lights in every corner.

When selecting a lighting fixture, ensure that it will distribute light in the entire area evenly. Apart from high-intensity light generation, the fixtures must not take a lot of time to turn on or off. If you do not have sufficient number of lighting, placing the fixture in the center may do the trick.

Task Lamps Will Always Be Present


Your garage at home will definitely have a table or cabinets where you keep your hardware and tools. Ascertain that these areas are properly illuminated to prevent accidents when using sharp tools. You can use light bars in this matter.

Never Forget the Shape of the Area

If you will fix lighting for your home garage, you should also consider the shape of your area. The lighting shape must also complement it. For instance, if you have a one-car garage with minimalist style, it is considerable to use rectangular exterior lights.

There are LED pendant fixtures today with modern slim construction. This will add style to your area or workspace.

Your garage can also serve as a reflection of your entire abode. If you will keep its lighting setup poor, this may imply that you do not prioritize the safety of your family. Remember, you can even convert your garageto a space where you can carry out your favorite repair tasks.

When making a decision, always weigh the advantages and disadvantages of lighting fixtures. Compare and contrast your options before purchasing one.

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